FYYG Dancers

One of Crazy’s new members, Jin Suhyun, born 8 February 1991. She’s from Incheon and studied Fashion Design in Osan University. She’s been around for quite some time as well, joining at about the same time as Kim Iseul, Heo Junseon and Hanbyul (seeing that they’re pretty close to each other). You would be able to spot her in some of Akdong Musician’s stages. 

[140810] Ahyeon, Eunyoung, Saebom, Heejung backstage at the Hyundai Card Citybreak Concert for PSY with Yoojin, Gayoon, Jinyoung and Seong-eun.

Unhyung, Hyungung, Heeso, Heejin, Youngjoo, Jihye and Cheoljun went out to celebrate Miran’s birthday back in April. 

[140709] Lee Unhyung: 사랑하는 나의 친구 미란아 생일 너무너무 축하해! 벌써 십년이 되가나?! 고2때와 변함없이 한결같아서 너무 좋고,계속 함께했으면 좋겠다. 사랑해^^병수보단 덜이지만..ㅋㅋHappy birthday to ma b.f 뽁!Congratulation!!!^o^

[TRANS]: “Happy birthday to my friend that I love, Miran. It’s been already 10 years?! I like it that we’ve not changed, it’ll be good if we continue being together. I love you ^^ But less than Byeongsu..”

Anonymous asked: do you know who is the dancer in akmu's give love that wear a green snapback? and the dancer in 2ne1's gotta be you who wear a croptee.. thanks!

His name is Heo Junseon. And the girl in Gotta Be You is Kim Gahee, an ex/long time hiatus member of Crazy. 

dafne-lynx asked: What is the difference between Dony and Deuk? I don't know differentiate them anymore.


Anonymous asked: ohdara(.)files(.)wordpress(.)com/2014/05/10257243_10202992248539970_3604857088319288471_o(.)jpg Do you know the names of all the dancs here??

Jungheon, Dony, Deuk, Byunggon from Hitech, Youngsang, Wooryun and Semin from TMF.

taeyang7solmate asked: I was sad that Wonki left Hi-Tech, but I was just crying because he uploaded a picture with the SM background dance studio. I can't believe he moved to sm.. I can't believe he replaced YG with sm! I'm just too upset and sad and can't stop crying why?

All of us would like to see him back with YG i’m sure… But he has made this decision and life has to go on. :) I’m glad he’s happy where he is though, or so I hope. 

Anonymous asked: i hope you update your tumblog asap! :D such as the ig accs... thanks and fighting!

I am still waiting for Vi (the co-owner of this blog) to send over the PSD files for me to photoshop the icons and update the blog’s information ASAP. Just a note that I took over the blog only this year :) 

Anonymous asked: is that true that kichul (kasabianskc on both twitter and ig) was a part of hi tech?


Anonymous asked: I have been hearing some rumors that some member of Hi-Tech and Crazy have already left their crew and YG? Could you care to tell me who :O

For Hitech, Cheoljun and Wonki left.

As for Crazy, there is no concrete evidence but I’m quite positive that Miran, Heejin and Bokyung have departed from the crew. Jihye has been inactive for some time, but it’s hard to speculate has she doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter, and her Facebook is quite heavily protected (since for Bokyung and Heejin they’ve been appearing with JYP, and Miran has been posting about her work)