FYYG Dancers

Anonymous asked: are the ygdancers already in Sin for 2ne1's AON con?

Sorry, I was busy during the few days that they were here in Singapore and did not get a chance to check the blog… They arrived on Friday night and left on Sunday night. I will be posting some photos soon! It was good to see the boys, I hope they had a good time in Singapore!

Anonymous asked: Just noticed you are back updating after your hiatus! Welcome back! Are you going to update the Crazy and HiTech links on the top right of your page? Crazy are not part of YG, could it be that they are diversifying their customer base and this is why some dancers have disappeared from backing YG artists? Rain's early successes were backed by Crazy.

Hi! We’ve actually done a switch regarding who manages this page and I’ve talked to Vi about it. As for the breakdown of members in hitech and crazy, that page will be updated as soon as i get the PSD files from Vi as they are required to be photoshopped in a certain format. As for the members who have left Crazy, it is really their own decision and I dont think it has anything to do with Crazy being a part of YG exclusively or not as wonki and cheoljun left hitech as well! Out of the 12 members on the Crazy page, only 6 of them remain (or at least the rest are on long-term hiatus) and I apologize for the accurate info. I will try my bestest to update it soon as soon as I receive the files as I know that Vi is busy too and I do not wish to rush her! 

Anonymous asked: Do you know anywhere with Minjung gifs?

This should be able to help you - fuckyeahygdancers.tumblr.com/tagged/kim-minjung

Anonymous asked: Hi just want to ask if chuljoon and WongKi is no longer a hitech members? hope you could reply to me, Thank u.

Yup they left hitech already

Anonymous asked: why Cheoljun leave Hitech?

I’m not sure

fightfordreamscometrue asked: Why Cheoljun leave Hitech? owo Do you know?:(

No one knows for sure, but he seems to be working w another company as of late

Anonymous asked: pbs(.)twimg(.)com/media/Bp37kigCQAADIGp(.)jpg Who's the first girl? The others (in order) are Heeyeon Eunyoung and Saebom right?

That’s Choi Hyejin. And yup that’s correct.

Anonymous asked: So Cheoljun really did leave Hitech?


[140522] Facebook

Kwon Cheoljun: “생일날 외식

#내생일 #토다이 #아저씨 #신혼부부

[TRANS]: “Eating out on my birthday

#mybirthday #todai #ajuhsshi #honeymooncouple #drive”

More of Cheoljun’s photos from his Facebook, taken in the States when he was on honeymoon with Jihye. 

I hesitated for awhile before posting this since he’s no longer a part of Hi-tech, but I’m glad I’m posting this in the end