FYYG Dancers

Screencaps of Gahee in Lip Service’s Too Fancy MV. 

Kim Gahee is an ex-member of Crazy.

Wonki dancing for UNIQ’s debut stage today.

Anonymous asked: Omo! Miran erased her Instagram pics and Heejin her whole Insta account on a same day. What's going on?

Oh no, I did not realise until I saw this message. I’ve no idea why Miran deleted all her pictures on her Instagram. As for Heejin, her Instagram is hit_hin, the account is still there as well as her pictures. Hope Miran is okay.

Just an update on Kwon Cheoljun, an ex-member of HITECH, cause some people will probably be interested to know… hopefully? Hahaha.

Few months back I posted that he has joined another company, and that company is Yuehua Entertainment, a Chinese agency.


2009 - 2013 YG Entertainment Dancer (Big Bang, 2NE1, Gummy, SE7EN, Lee Hi etc.)

January 2013 - October 2013 Trainer of YG Trainees

October 2013 Onwards NUEST-M Dance Trainer

October 2013 YUEHUA Entertainment Exclusive Dance Team Leader

In light of Yuehua Entertainment, it’s been previously announced that they will be forming a new boy group together with YG and this boy group made their first stage today (16 October). Cheoljun, Jihye and Wonki have been tweeting/posting pictures about UNIQ (the boy group) group) so I’m quite sure that they are working in YHE now! 

If anyone is interested, this is Wonki’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He posted it onto his facebook in August but I only just saw it. 

Song Wonki: “아이스 버킷 챌린지.

저도 이런 뜻깊은일에 동참할수있어서 너무 영광스럽습니다. 최훈재 권철준 박경석제가 좋아하는 세분들도 함께 동참해주셨으면 좋겠습니다 
루게릭병 환자분들 외에도 모든 분들이 항상 힘내셨으면좋겠습니다 !!!화이팅!!!”

[TRANS]: “Ice Bucket Challenge.

I am honoured to be able to join in this meaningful project. The three people I like - Choi Hoonjae, Kwon Cheoljun, Park Kyeongsuk, I’d like it if you join

Hope that the ALS patients will always be able to be strong !!!Fighting!!!”

Song Wonki is an ex member of Hi-Tech.

Some old photos of Ahyeon, Youngdeuk and Jihye from the CRAZYGIRLS website. I’m not sure if they’ve been posted on the blog before though.

These pictures were taken to launch a new line on CRAZYGIRLS, and Ahyeon’s boyfriend helped out with the shoot. 

You can view more of their pictures here.

CRAZY’s new member Choi Hyejin, born 18 December 1990.

She started participating in schedules at the end of last year and danced for Big Bang’s 2013 Japan Dome Tour, PSY’s recent activities, 2014 YG Family Power Tour & Akdong Musician’s promotions to name a few. She also helped out with G.O.D’s concert earlier this year. 

CRAZY’s new member Murakawa Mai!

She’s from Japan (and is currently taking Korean classes) and started appearing on stages this year and has joined Taeyang on his 2014 RISE Tour & 2014 YG Family Power Tour~

It seems like she’s pretty close to Hyejin and Iseul, they often post pictures of them eating out together after practice. 

Anonymous asked: for which 2NE1 song did Dara and Wonki dance together?

There are a lot, but Wonki was the most active in 2011 - 2012, you should be able to spot him in stages within that year such as for IATB, Go Away, Can’t Nobody etc