FYYG Dancers

Anonymous asked: how do you tell deuk and dony apart?

Face shape, eyes, tattoos. sometimes by style of dressing as well. and deuk usually would be spotted with minjung, if you happen to bump into him while he’s on tour.. this excludes 2NE1’s AON tour though, since crazy is not involved in it.

Anonymous asked: Hi, may I know the dancer in the Big Bang Somebody To Love practice {www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=QcRUuREZKPQ} that's wearing a white shirt and white shorts ;)

The video’s of really low quality.. but it most likely is Kwon Cheoljun~ I may be wrong though because I can barely see the face. He left Hitech really recently

can-ukn0t asked: would you by chance know who the guy was in lee hi's rose CL special live stage? i checked the other videos and he only came out once when CL did... :(

It’s Kwon Youngdon!

Anonymous asked: I didn't see Heejin in 15&'s Sugar MV, but yes that's her in the pic on Park Ji Min's instagram. Unhyung's bf works for JYP, so that may explain her involvement. As for Heejin, I have no idea, and yeah, I'm sad to see her not working with YG any more :(

It’s always sad to see any of them go… especially when they were the generation and reason i first took an interest in…

Anonymous asked: I think they might have called Unhyung to help because Jun.K is currently on his Japanese Tour and most of the JYP dancers are with him. And they needed more dancers for 15&'s promotion and I guess that's where Unhyung came in. Either way she made her broadcast show comeback in a long time!! Like since end of 2009 or beginning of 2010!!

Yup! Either way, glad to see that she’s dancing on stage, with YG or not.

msrightnotwrong asked: Hi can I ask what is the name of the guy wearing 'cool story bro' at come back home dance practice? THANKYOUUU *^^*

Kwon Youngdeuk from hi-tech

Anonymous asked: Can i ask whose the girl in white shirt on 200% dance practice? i love her<3

she’s Kim Minjung from Crazy

Anonymous asked: I was soo surprise to see Unhyung in 15&'s Sugar MV! Is she now a JYP Dancer? I know she danced at 2PM tour in late 2012 at 3 cities but she was filling in for another dancer. Though is she really a JYP Dancer now? I rather have her be a YG Dancer instead.

Yeah I think she’s working with them now, either that or they called her in because they needed more people. But whatever it is since Park Jimin and akmu are promoting together at the same time right now, I won’t rule out the possibility that they meet backstage ^^

Anonymous asked: is Heejin currently working with JYP? cause i think i saw her on 15&'s new song "Sugar" and a photo posted on Park jimin's instagram

Yup I believe so, Unhyung too.

Anonymous asked: In AKMU's 200% dance practice video, who was the dancer that was paired to Lee Soo Hyun? He dances with attitude, I kinda have a crush on him <3 :)

I’m assuming you’re referring to Kwon Youngdon who appears with her at the 1:29 mark~