FYYG Dancers

Anonymous asked: Hi, may I know the dancers who dance in akdong musician 200% n give love m/vs ;;

There are no dancers in the MVs but for the performances, the dancers with akdong musician are Kim Minjung, Park Eunyoung, Choi Saebom, Choi Hyejin of Crazy and Kwon Youngdeuk, Kwon Youngdon, Heo Junseon and Hanbyul of Hi-Tech.

Anonymous asked: do you know who is the girl wearing orange jacket? www(.)youtube(.)com(/)watch?v=5OzAqfboJ9k i wonder who is she, cz she so gorgeous and powerful... if you know her social media that will be help me so much^^ thank you for your hard work. you are so amazing :)

She’s from S’WITCH definitely but she only worked once with YG for CL’s TBF. I’m not too sure of her name… The ones from switch that work with YG more frequently are Bae Hyojung and Lee Jiwon

Anonymous asked: instagram(.)com/afrohyo Who's this? He always takes pics with Kwontwins~ *curiouscurious

She’s Bae Hyojung from s’witch

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm just wondering, what are the instagram of the male dancers from taeyangs MV/live performances of wedding dress?

If I remember correctly only Hansol and Jungheon have Instagram. you can follow them at @jungheonp and @ambdxtss

Anonymous asked: about Woo ki, i heard that he had 8 months hiatus then he isnt in YG anymore, do you know the reason why? and is he till a dancer :(

wonki? Nope, I’m not sure why…. He’s still a dancer I believe but not for YG anymore.

Anonymous asked: I would love if you could still keep updating about them if that's not too much work! :)

I will! ^_^

Anonymous asked: Please do update! :) thank you for all your hardwork!!

I’m gonna try my best to! ^_^

Anonymous asked: Sorry but do you know that wonki till be a dancer in hitech or not?

He’s not in hitech anymore :(

Since Hyeryun, Gahee, Miran, Heejin, Bokyung, Cheoljun and Wonki have (most probably) left/are inactive, I’m not sure whether or not I should continue updating on the posts from their social media accounts… What do you guys think?

Anonymous asked: Please still update about them! T.T even tho they aren't with YG anymore...

I’m gonna try to! ^^