FYYG Dancers

Bae Hyo Jung: “Twins baby!!~”

Anonymous asked: Who is getting married??? And I love your response to the question HAHA

Park Jung Hyun, member of HI-TECH updated his facebook with a picture of him and his long time girlfriend at the church and there are many friends who congratulated them, I think they’re planning to get married.

Anonymous asked: Whoa!!! Jungheon is getting married!! Do you think all/most of the backup dancers he knows will be at the wedding? If so then it'll be a big family reunion.

haha well of course if they’re holding a wedding ceremony, who knows, they might even have a dance battle in the middle of the church while the priest does a head spin and a coin drop, YG artists can show up and have a little yg family concert haha

I saw the pic of them at the church, i’m also curious as to what’s gonna happen, if they’re really getting married or not, they’ve been together for so long and share an adorable dog together, i’m excited!