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One of Crazy’s new members, Jin Suhyun, born 8 February 1991. She’s from Incheon and studied Fashion Design in Osan University. She’s been around for quite some time as well, joining at about the same time as Kim Iseul, Heo Junseon and Hanbyul (seeing that they’re pretty close to each other). You would be able to spot her in some of Akdong Musician’s stages. 

Minjung’s Instagram updates:

[140509] “잘자 내꿈꿔~

#AnnaSui #IAmHome because #HappyParentsDay #GuessRealMinjung #kkk”

[140514] “고마워! 정말기분좋다”

[TRANS]: “Thank you! I really feel good”

[140515] “퇴근길마중가는버스 #7013B

[TRANS]: “Bus that picks me up after work”

[140515] “고르곤졸라피자 청포도주스 토마토주스 나혼자7조각 마시쩡


[TRANS]: “Gorgonzola pizza grape juice tomato juice i have 7 pieces for myself”

[140516]: “치~~~~~~~~~~~~~즈 #cheese”

[140508] Instagram

Won Ahyeon: “오늘은 달래 아구찜 ~”

"우리 성호( ‘ㅇㅇ’) ←콧꾸멍"

[TRANS]: ‘Our seongho (‘ㅇㅇ’)←Nostrils”

Eunyoung’s recent Instagram updates:

[140507] “어때 뇌쇄적이지?”

[140508] “슈비루밥뚜룹뚜뚜뚜~ #200#엠카 #악뮤#AKMU #MCOUNTDOWN”

[TRANS]: “Shubiroobap doorubdoodoodoo~ #emka #akmu”

Emka (엠카) is short for M! Countdown (엠카운다운)

[140508] “힘내자 혜진아 어딘가에 있을꺼야~꼭!!!!!”

[TRANS]: “Cheer up Hyejin-ah it must be somewhere~must be!!!!!”

[140508] “ #반디앤루니스 #매거진 #패션” 

[TRANS]: “#Bandi_and_Lunis #fashion #magazine”

[140508] “사실 영화보기 전 시간 때우기용 허세용 업로드 오랜만에 책 좀 보다 책은 사지 않았다 #반디앤루니스”

[140508] “우아 이거 내 책장이면 좋겠다 #원피스”

[TRANS]: “Uwa it would be good if this was my bookshelf #one_piece”

[140509] “강아지 카네이션 쏘 큐트하네영 #카네이션 #어버이날 #사랑합니다#감사합니다”

[TRANS]: “Puppy carnation so cute #carnation #parents’_day #i_love_you #thank_you”

[140511] “미치도록 힘이 들고 

죽도록 싫었던 순간도 
언젠가 그땐 그랬지 하며 ‘추억’할 수 있는 날이 오는것은 ‘과거’이기 때문

지나간 ‘과거’여서 좋을 때가 있다


[140513] 아 또 먹고싶다 .. 근데 나 왜케 순대국밥을 좋아하게된거지? #순대국밥 #백암 #얼큰이탕 #순대만넣어주세요

[TRANS]: “Ah i feel like eating this again.. But why do I like soondaegukbap?”

Cheoljun, I believe, is no longer with HI-TECH. From the looks of his Facebook profile, someone posted that he moved on to another company but I can’t really confirm that because it wasn’t posted by him neither was it commented on by him.

Also, I think it’s safe to say that Miran, Heejin and Bokyung may no longer be with Crazy. Heejin and Bokyung have been working with other companies, while Miran seems to be doing another job which is more routinely. It’s really hard to tell because while she updates her Instagram frequently, it doesn’t tell us much. She does deserve her privacy though, so nothing we can do to fight that.

As for Hyeryun and Gahee, they’ve worked with Akdong Musician and 2NE1 recently, their first appearances on stage in a long time but it’s difficult to tell if they are back for good or they were just filling in. 

I’m not surprised though, but I am really sad about the departures of these members… The addition of Iseul and Hyejin to the team was giving a subtle message that someone had left. 

Because of this I’m not sure whether or not I should continue updating on the posts from their social media accounts… What do you guys think?

Sorry it’s been awhile since I updated the blog. I just ended my exams yesterday, currently trying to backtrack Instagram etc. to the past 10 days so I can post it here. Hopefully I can go far back enough…

[140506] Instagram

Park Eunyoung: “어쩌다보니 이 의상만 입구 찍었네흉? #ygfamilypowertour2014 #CRAZY#tokyodome #2ne1”

eunyoung with the oldest member and the 3 latest members! Choi Hyejin is now confirmed as a member of CRAZY.

[140506] Miran’s Instagram update with her boyfriend.

Bok Miran: “#도림천 #산책로 #연휴의마무리

분노의 #으르렁 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
울 동네 가장 맘에 드는 것은

[TRANS]: “#dorimcheon #boardwalk #end_of_holiday

Angry #growl

I like our neighbourhood so much”

[140506] Instagram

Kim Hee Jung: “솔님과 크레이지^^”

[TRANS]: “Sol-nim and Crazy^^”

Heejung’s finally using her Instagram! Follow her here.

[140506] Instagram

Bok Miran: “연휴 마지막 날

#신림 #본파이어
아 신난다 분위기 굿♡”

[TRANS]: “Last day of holiday

#shillim #bonfire

Ah the atmosphere’s great good”

사장님 서비스 짱

애드라 여기다 여기!!!!”

"The boss’s service is the best


It’s here guys here!!!!!”

[140505] Instagram

Bok Miran: “눈에 힘 뽝!!!!!!!!!”