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Screencaps of Gahee in Lip Service’s Too Fancy MV. 

Kim Gahee is an ex-member of Crazy.

Cheoljun, I believe, is no longer with HI-TECH. From the looks of his Facebook profile, someone posted that he moved on to another company but I can’t really confirm that because it wasn’t posted by him neither was it commented on by him.

Also, I think it’s safe to say that Miran, Heejin and Bokyung may no longer be with Crazy. Heejin and Bokyung have been working with other companies, while Miran seems to be doing another job which is more routinely. It’s really hard to tell because while she updates her Instagram frequently, it doesn’t tell us much. She does deserve her privacy though, so nothing we can do to fight that.

As for Hyeryun and Gahee, they’ve worked with Akdong Musician and 2NE1 recently, their first appearances on stage in a long time but it’s difficult to tell if they are back for good or they were just filling in. 

I’m not surprised though, but I am really sad about the departures of these members… The addition of Iseul and Hyejin to the team was giving a subtle message that someone had left. 

Because of this I’m not sure whether or not I should continue updating on the posts from their social media accounts… What do you guys think?

Sorry it’s been awhile since I updated the blog. I just ended my exams yesterday, currently trying to backtrack Instagram etc. to the past 10 days so I can post it here. Hopefully I can go far back enough…

[140505] Instagram

Kim Gahee: “#전주#한옥마을 #앙탈녀#임은정


[TRANS]: “A part of Hanok Village!!”

Park Eunyoung: “Heol! You went to Jeonju??”

Kim Gahee: “Yes~~ I really like it here”

[140504] Instagram

Kim Gahee: “#통영 

정확한 목적지로 가는거 맞지요? #환상의섬#geojeisland”

[TRANS]: “#tongyeong

Going to the correct destination, right? #fantasyisland#geojeisland”

1 year ago on May 26, 2013 at 06:41pm